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TOKYO ( 18/4~23/4 ) :

Momotaro with origami(s)!

A very colorful graffiti jam with the homies @Nychos @Ledania and @Songxfm - it's been a while! Everyone knows it's not easy to get a wall in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Special thanks to @DesignFestaGallery team for arranging a wall in Harajuku. Till next time!

P.S.: Spotted my first-ever sticker in Design Festa Gallery too! 🤯

NARA & KYOTO ( 23/4~24/4 ) :

OSAKA ( 24/4~26/4 ) :

OSAKA Invasion!


SEOUL ( 26/4~1/5 ) :

Huge thanks to @RoyyalDog & @JayFlowSUK for having me paint at @HipHopPlayaFestival 2023, honored to watch what both artists have done for the festival!

JEJU ( 1/5~5/5 ) :

BUSAN ( 5/5~9/5 ) :

SEOUL - Part 2 ( 9/5~15/5 ) :


Thank You!

Bonus :

What is Sofubi (ソフビ)?

Soft vinyl production started in the 1950s and became a popular method of toy production in Japan, ranging from Kewpie dolls to robots. I've always wanted to make sofubi in Japan, and it's a very difficult task to find a quality sofubi maker who understands my vision and designs. Though, I'm glad to announce my very first sofubi is coming in Q4 of 2023 and it's made in Japan, with Electric Toys!


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