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Julie's Magnifity

Julie's Magnifity - The Magical Land of Julie's!

What does a mousedeer, Kesidang flower and the A-Famosa building have in common? They are all popular icons representing Melaka’s heritage and is now proudly featured on a new wall art brought to you by Julie’s in collaboration with Cloakwork.

The wall art called Julie’s Magnifity, aims to be the new must-visit iconic landmark in Melaka.

This creative collaboration between Julie’s and Cloakwork features over 15 elements representing Melaka and Malaysia infused with abstract shapes and water motifs suggestive of products manufactured by the company. Julie’s Magnifity is currently one of the largest and most colourful wall arts in the city and is located on Jalan Munshi Abdullah, a walking distance to the Melaka River.

Draft :

The Julie’s Magnifity is now ready for all visitors. To check out this latest iconic landmark, click here for the Google Maps directions.


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