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Blastin' Batik

"Blastin' Batik"

Widely known around the regions of SouthEast Asia, Batik has deep roots in the east coast of Malaysia. The word Batik, translates to drops (traditionally wax dropping onto fabric), which can be depicted as dots in the background of the car design. As Batik is generally flat on fabric, contrary the design portrays the flow of Batik designs around the anatomy of the car. The intricacy of it constructs an exceptional form to the design coupled with light yet vibrant colors.

Together with the flora in the background, the foreground illustrates the fauna found in the tropical jungles of Malaysia. Subjects such as the hornbill, orangutan and tiger paw are paired with the most popular motifs in Malaysian Batik, the flower and leaves. The design creates an iconic interaction that can be seen in Cloakwork’s illustrative style.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Asia Cup Final 2021

Images by : Jia Cheng


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