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Lane Crawford - "The Sneaker Room"

From city strolls to triathlon sprints, sneakers have infiltrated performance, lifestyle and daily wear. From No-Nonsense Shoppers, Ultra-in-the-know Hypebeasts, to Fanatical Fashionistas, everyone has and are buying them. The Sneaker Room: Providing a forum and canvas with which to discuss the most inclusive (and exclusive) category on the market: Sneakers. A youthful and social media minded approach capturing the trending tags and insider lingo of the industry.

Sneaker Box design.

Event Poster.

Final Product.

Photos by : SDB of AGAINST LAB


Video :

Cloakwork in HONG KONG, October 2016.

Filmed and edited by : SDB of AGAINST LAB

Song Credit : Alexander Spit - This Party Is Dead Anyways.

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