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A Dream Beyond the Skies

On June 2017, AirAsia invited me for a project - painting their new headquarter office called RedQ, in Sepang. As one the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations, with consistently been named as the world's best low cost carrier for 9 years ( include 2017 ) in a row in international travel and airline awards.

I love good challenges, so I were right onto it.

Enormous wall, in just 9 days. Completed. Thank you.

Brief :

"RedQ boasts an international workforce from all over ASEAN and beyond. The ability to work together towards a common goal is a point unique to AirAsia and we'd like the mural space at RedQ's exterior wall to capture this. AirAsia is an multinational company with a lot of heart. A lot of AirAsia's successes is owed to the people who have made it happen. The company culture is a unique hodgepodge of experiences, diversity, passion, innovation and ultimately, a strong can-do attitude. The mission is simple - it's to make flying affordable for everyone as captured by our tagline, "Now Everyone Can Fly". With hubs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Japan, our top priority at RedQ is to instil the culture of One AirAsia; everyone working towards one goal of democratising flight. It's not about being Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Filipina, Indian or Japanese - it's about being an AirAsia Allstar."


Completed photos :

"A Dream Beyond the Skies" The power of a dream, a strong mindset and an exciting history are what sums up the workings of AirAsia RedQ. This piece is a story of two ambitious children fuelled by creativity, who dream that they could be up in the sky someday. School children should start being realistic about their dreams but at the same time have a bit of freedom in terms of creativity. The brother aspires to be an adventurous pilot who could transport people across the world, connecting dreamers to the possibility of making their dreams come true. The sister aspires to be a passionate air stewardess who takes pride in listening to and learning from passengers, making passengers feel a one-of-a-kind experience when travelling. The brother wearing a shirt as a cape, and the sister, donning a tie around her head, both pieces of their father’s pilot uniform symbolises the balance we need in life between work and play.


Progress :


Ideas and Developments :

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Research Materials :

Thank you, AirAsia.

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