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ana tomy x Cloakwork

ana tomy introduces two new special editions made in collaboration with Cloakwork that are attainable and uniquely positioned across the spectrum of customer appeal—the "Great ideas are under construction" and "Everyone is an artist."

Adding to the current lineup of ana tomy customisable book designs, this special edition offering comes well packed with a curated booklet, exclusive sticker label, iron-on patch, and compelling artworks and colours that speak to design enthusiasts who want to stand out and express themselves.

"Great ideas are under construction"

ana tomy has always been receptive to ideas beyond its universe. What seems uncommon at first was now made possible to bring graffiti arts onto the ana tomy's book.

“The public had very little knowledge of graffiti where I first started; therefore, it was quite challenging to express my ideas through graffiti art. As there are constant changes over the years in social media and as people travel internationally, they started to be exposed to a wider range of art, making them appreciate it even more than before. And now, through this collaboration, I'm looking forward to seeing my arts being carrying around, and becoming part of someone's life," - Cloakwork

"Everyone is an artist"

Some call graffiti a form of expression vandalism while others identify it as a form of art. To understand graffiti, we observe it as a form of expression where graffiti artists use it to spread an important message or to convey what cannot be written. Today, this street art beautifies cities by giving them character and making them look unique and personal.

"I feel very privileged that the ana tomy team have given me the confidence and freedom to express my ideas," he says. "Together I think we have created something truly unique.”

One space, a multitude of possibilities

This new offering allows ana tomy customers to mix and match the special edition covers with their favourite accessories such as the swappable elastic band and interchangeable ribbon markers; and make it into a notebook, planner, sketchbook, or everything in between to kick start a brand new year. Customers looking to take the personalisation of ana tomy book to the next level can personalise it with a monogrammed name as well as having the limited-run iron-on patch finished on the cover.

Both designs are available to be customised into ana tomy book starting 15 October 2021 at RM138. Pre-order begins today and will be available at ana tomy online.

ana tomy : website / instagram


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