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foodpanda : Pau-Pau !

foodpanda Malaysia started with one goal in mind: to be the most convenient food delivery service in the country. Using the easy smartphone app or the website, anyone can find their favorite restaurants near you and order their favorite dish, or even groceries, snacks, beverages and more. Whether it is breakfast delivery, lunch or dinner delivery, foodpanda is your ultimate place to order food from any kind of restaurant and shops anywhere in Malaysia. Food is a pleasure and food ordering should be a fast and fun experience.

Mural 1 :

Mural 2 :

Video :

Have you checked out the two pink landmarks in KL? It’s the new kawaii foodpanda mascot, Pau-Pau! (You Can’t Miss it)

Go behind the scenes with me to see how these vibrant murals are brought to life - all began with my love for food, don’t we all Malaysians do?

And if you happened to be hungry there, just scan the QR code on the wall and order your fav Malaysian dish from foodpanda app! Coz you can always count on foodpanda when you’re hungry!


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