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Durex Condom Reimagined as Characters

Packaging design plays a big role in the marketing of a product. I reimagined 9 different characters to give a representation of each type of existing Durex condoms.

Objective : Redesign the current packaging to fit the urban lifestyle and provide a visual representation for the audience understand the purpose and characteristics of every type of existing Durex condoms. Materials : Pen & copic markers on 300gsm water color papers.

Snake ( Durex Close-fit )

Smooth, soft and smaller in comparison to regular-sized condoms, like a snake constricting around its prey.

Twin Ogre ( Durex B close )

Young and wild, this condom enables both partners to feel the same pleasure.

Monkeys ( Durex Select )

Take your pick on fruits to add extra flavour to the excitement. From citrus (orange) to exotic/tropical (banana) and berries (strawberry) to apple, what's your flavour?

King Kong ( Durex Comfort )

For those on the 'larger' side and are afraid that it might break, this is the condom for you. Don't hesitate getting these.

Executioner ( Durex Sensation )

When both partners are ready to take it to the next level. Thanks to hundreds of raised ribs all lined up in rows, extreme sensations await those who are up for it.

Devil ( Durex Love ) Smooth and almost lotion-like, it will lead to something naughty and kinky, yet sensual.

Bomb disposal ( Durex Extra safe )

Thicker than usual condoms for those who need are a bit more extreme (on the kinky side) with extra care.

Astronaut ( Durex Featherlite ) Super thin and light, like the objects in anti-gravitation. Best for those who prefer being closer to each other but still staying safe.

Bad Robot ( Durex Performax )

For sex machines who prefer prolonged sexy time and wish to achieve intense mutual climax (or multiple orgasms). Also known as "Speed her up, slow him down".

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