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United Kingdom Graffiti Tour Poster

Travel period : 11/7/2017 ~ 11/8/2017

Temperature : 13°C ~ 22°C

Event : Upfest 2017

After a long hiatus ( about 7 months ), I finally had the first graffiti tour for year 2017. One of the many reasons I would pick the UK is that I have great friends there. It's nice to visit and catch up with them every year and cook up something new for the walls. The other supporting reason is the nice cosy weather during summer. I never get such long hours daylight and cool temperature when painting in Malaysia. Many thanks to Tizer, Dean ( NBF ), Tom, Global Street Art, Fanakapan, Gums and Tongue Crew, Reves, Delgan, Kos, SPzero, Chips, Sorez, ...etc for bringing me to new spots to paint! Not forgetting to mention that I was genuinely surprised to meet the boys from GarduHouse ( Indonesia ) Menaw & BujanganUrban in London for Indonesian Weekend 2017!

I would definitely say this trip was very inspiring as I was able to take part in Upfest 2017, Europe's largest Street Art and Graffiti Festival that takes place in Bristol. Meeting great artists and people is one of my goals. I was able to watch Buff Monster, one of favourite street artists at work. I was lucky enough to catch the opening of his exhibition "Something Melty This Way Comes" in StolenSpace Gallery, London. It doesn't end there, I also managed catch PichiAvo's exhibition "In Gods We Trust" in Unit London. They were one of the featured artist in Upfest 2016. Another honourable mention was meeting Bonzai. While he was waiting to start his work, we had a great relaxed chat at Rolling Stock London.

"All work and no play makes Cloak a dull boy" It was great to see Mura Masa's album launch! The pop-up offered great merch and nice designs but too bad for his short live act. Many thanks to Shadez the Misfit for introducing my artworks to the G-Shock UK fam. Be sure to check out his music! I look forward to meeting him soon and feel bad for not being to catch him in his studio during his recording session.

As always, thanks for reading and see you next time!



Location : Stockwell Hall of Fame, London, UK.

"Good day for a spray, Teddy!"

Inspired by UK comedian, Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson Partner in crime : Blesmokie, Tom, Bujangan Urban & Kos

Location : Nomadic Community Garden, London, UK.


Inspired by the Nike SB "Loon" colorway

Upfest 2017

Location : South Street Park, Bristol, UK.

"Skull Face"

A little commission for Bristol Kettle Club, Bristol, UK.

Special thanks : Pete

"Please look after this bear, thank you."

Inspired by Paddington Bear, a fictional character in children's literature.

Location : Chalk Farm, London.

Special thanks : Gums and Tongue Crew

"The Future is Today"

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

Location : Nomadic Community Garden, London, UK. Special thanks : Dean ( Not Banksy Forum ) and Steve!

"You can't do graffiti on the tube!" - Officer Batman Dog & Officer Grumpy Cat

Partner in crime : SPzero76

Location : Old Street, London.

"Rick with the portal gun!"

Partner in crime : KOS

Location : Brick Lane, London.









Coming Soon.



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